Dogs are one of the most popular animals a person can take in as one of their own. It is very easy to fall for a dog, but it takes more than just liking how a dog looks to take care of one.

There’s nothing wrong with adopting a dog for the very first time, but people need to be very smart about how they go about it. Here are a few things to avoid when taking care of a dog.

Don’t label them

It is easy to label a dog initially if they are unable to do something. Maybe they are not that obedient about something around the home. Maybe they don’t know how to do a relatively simple task. Whatever the case is, dogs can learn new things throughout their lives. This is especially true for a young dog trying to figure out a new location.

Instead of labeling them as too dumb or to undisciplined, work with them as much as possible. With a little bit of time and effort, dogs can start to calm down and be easier to handle. Pets, in general, are very easy to adapt to a certain home, and this is no different.

Don’t stop giving toys to dogs

Dogs can be pretty destructive, as they tend to chew on a lot of different things. Puppies, in particular, had a hard time with certain toys, but that does not mean that they don’t enjoy them.

It is going to cause a lot of harm down the road if all toy products are removed from a dog’s presence. Maybe they are prone to chewing a certain type of toy, so that needs to be replaced. It might take some adjusting, but remember that toys are very comforting for animals. Not only that, but it helps to burn some pent up energy throughout the day.

Use crates when needed, not out of convenience

Crate training a dog can come in handy in a lot of ways. Some dogs actually prefer having that time alone, because it helps them get the rest that they need. However, the crate should never be used simply out of convenience for the human.

It might be easy to throw a dog in a crate to get some space, but that should be avoided. It is going to be viewed as punishment to the dog, and they are likely not going to be that fond of being placed in it.

Try to work with the dog as much as possible if they are being a little too annoying when work needs to be done. There are other alternatives to putting them in a very small crate and forcing them to do nothing.

Never hit a dog

This might seem obvious, but this includes not even gently tapping them out of anger. The hand should always be about positive things. Use the hand for praising the dog, or giving them pets. As soon as they start to react to the hand as a negative instead of a positive, it drives a lot of separation between the owner and the dog.

If they do something wrong, treat it verbally. Dogs are going to react to the tone of the human’s voice. Just one or two negative actions with the hands can sit with a dog for years to come.

Keep up-to-date with the veterinarian

When a dog is showing no signs of health issues, it is easy to avoid regular check-ups at the vet office. That should never be done because there could be something wrong with the dog that is just not that noticeable right now. It doesn’t need to be that often, but regular check-ups do go a long way towards preventative care.